Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is an extremely strong glass which has been thermally heat treated to induce compressive stresses. Tempered glass is being used increasingly in architecture because of strength and safety properties. It is usually installed in areas to reduce the possibility of mechanical or thermal breakage and/or to assure greater uniform load strength.

Best Quality toughened glass is made by using latest technique of forced convection type furnace.


Toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger that equivalent thickness of annealed float glass.
High Thermal Shock Strength
Toughened glass provides greater thermal strength.
Toughened glass is very difficult to break but even on breakage, it will break into small, relatively harmless fragments. This substancially reduces the likelihood of injury to people as there are no jagged edges or sharp corners which are normal in the case of breakage of annealed glass.

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