Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is a pre fabricated unit made of two or more glass panes, which have been separated by an air gap and edge-sealed together. This is also known as double glazed unit (DGU) or Insulated Glass unit(IGU).The two panes of glass are kept separated by a hollow aluminium tube spacer filled with a moisture absorbing material (desiccant) to ensure that the air or gas in the cavity or hollow space between the two glass panes does not escape during hot climate, or outside air is not sucked in during winter or cold climate as a result of expansion & contraction of trapped dry air or gas due to change in temperature.

Applications: Windows, doors, facades etc.


Saves on heating and cooling, by reducing air to air heat transfer. Because of this, the load on the air conditioning is greatly reduced.The use of heat absorbing or heat reflective glass at front/outside will further reduce the load on the cooling system.
Retards Sound Transmission
Using one of the panes/sides as laminated glass will drastically reduce sound transmission. Using dissimilar thickness of glass panes/sides will also help combat noise.
Pleasant Room Temperature
It offers increased personal comfort and aids in energy conservation.Because of its high insulation properties,the lack of cold or arm droughts leads to a pleasant internal environment.
DGU glass will marginally increase the overall strength against wind load pressure.

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